About Us

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About us

Welcome to Healthy Origins.

My name is Meg Casey, a mother of 4 beautiful children.

Healthy Origins was born out of a love for health, wellbeing & fitness and a desire to create a place for likeminded people, to educate, inspire, relate & create the best version of themselves, for them & their family.

When most people hear the words HEALTHY they immediately picture strict diets & crazy exercise routines. But have you ever stopped to think about how HEALTHY feels or smells to you? Or how your idea of healthy can alter your frame of mind or mood? Have you ever stopped & asked yourself what Healthy means to you?
Well here at Healthy Origins, we care about all of that. We believe that nourishing our bodies inside & out with wholesome, organic food, feels, smells, thoughts & actions, creates a state of health we can all relate to.

We believe in the products we sell, we care about our customers & most of all we care about the world we live in.
We were born in an age of mass produced, preservative laden products. In a throw away society, with no regard for the future.
A new age has come. We have better education around food & additives. We know now the damage the throw away mentality causes. We understand that for our earth, mind & bodies to thrive, they need more thought, care & love. We understand the importance of a sustainable future & creating change.
We strive to offer predominantly Australian made & produced products from companies with a proven track record for honesty & integrity. But where we can’t do this, we ensure that the products are sourced from ethically aware producers & companies who share our same beliefs.
We are excited to offer an extensive range of Organic, Vegan, Paleo, Keto, Gluten Free, Eco Friendly products to suit all tastes, lifestyles & we have done our best to make sure our prices are as competitive as the big retailers. We aim to give second to none personal service & hope that we can create a new community of people who all share the same common goal, regardless of their lifestyle.